Founded in 2003 by legendary baseball player Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod Corp identifies, originates and manages investments across a broad array of industries, including real estate, sports and wellness, media, and entertainment.


With a flexible and opportunistic investment mandate, the firm focuses on long-term opportunities, where it can add value to create superior risk-adjusted returns.

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A-Rod Corp was established in 2003 with the purchase of a single duplex in Miami, Florida. Mr. Rodriguez subsequently created a fully-integrated real estate investment and development firm, while managing a record-breaking baseball career.

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Mr. Rodriguez will serve as a Contributor for ABC News, appearing on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and Nightline. In addition, Mr. Rodriguez serves as a Guest Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, which will debut in the Fall of 2017.


Artsy is an online resource for art collection and education, aiming to make all the world’s art accessible to everyone. A-Rod Corp was an early investor in Artsy and continues to be an advisor to the company.


BounceX creates behavioral automation tools for digital advertisers. A-Rod Corp was an early investor in BounceX.

Boys & Girls Club of America

Mr. Rodriguez attended the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) during his youth and has remained actively involved in the organization over the last several decades. Mr. Rodriguez serves on the Board of Directors for the Miami-Dade chapter. A-Rod Corp donated $1 million to Boy & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade in 2015 as part of its ongoing philanthropic efforts.


In Fall 2017, Mr. Rodriguez will debut CNBC’s “Back in the Game”, a television series in which he serves as a business mentor to former athletes facing financial distress.


Didi is a major ride-sharing company, providing transportation services for more than 400 million users across over 400 cities in China. A-Rod Corp was an early investor in Didi.

Emerge Americas

eMerge Americas is the premier technology event connecting Latin America, North America, and Europe. It is a unique convening of global enterprises, leading startups and government leaders focused on innovative digital solutions transforming industries.

A-Rod Corp was an early investor in eMerge Americas and continues to be an advisor to the company. Mr. Rodriguez has also participated as a keynote speaker in past conferences.

Energy Fitness

In 2011, A-Rod Corp partnered with 24-Hour Fitness Founder, Mark Mastrov, to create “Alex Rodriguez Energy Fitness” gyms, a luxury fitness experience for professionals living primarily in Mexico City. Today, there are nine locations open with several additional locations in the planning stages.

Florida International University

A-Rod Corp is a longtime supporter of students at Florida International University. In 2015, A-Rod Corp provided scholars and internship stipends for first generation students at FIU. Mr. Rodriguez has been a supporter of higher education for decades, creating scholarship programs and other opportunities for students since the early 2000s.

Fox Sports

Mr. Rodriguez joined Fox Sports in 2015 as a MLB analyst and became an Emmy award-winning baseball broadcaster within two years. He continues to serve as a full-time MLB broadcaster today.

Good Morning America

Mr. Rodriguez joined ABC’s Good Morning America in 2017 as a guest contributor.

Ice Shaker

Ice Shaker is an innovative lifestyle brand, specializing in water bottles and shaker cups. Founded by Chris Gronkowski and his four brothers, Ice Shaker is an A-Rod Corp investment from Shark Tank.


In May 2016, JBL named Mr. Rodriguez the latest brand ambassador for the company. The collaboration extended JBL’s longstanding relationship with the New York Yankees and drove consumer engagement across all social media and content programs for the brand’s audio products.


Mr. Rodriguez was granted an open-point to build out one of the first new, minority-owned franchises in Texas, when Mercedes-Benz only had approximately 300 locations nationwide. A-Rod Corp was involved in all stages of the process, from site selection and land purchase to building design and construction. A-Rod Corp successfully sold the dealership to a publicly traded company in 2014.

Monument Capital Management

Founded in 2003 by Mr. Rodriguez and his partners, Monument Capital Management is a real estate investment firm, majority-owned by A-Rod Corp, that has invested over $400M in the acquisition and development of real estate assets throughout the U.S. Today, MCM manages or owns approximately 10,000 multifamily units across several states.

New York Yankees

Following a world championship baseball career with the New York Yankees, Mr. Rodriguez now serves as a special advisor to Hal Steinbrenner, co-chairman of the New York Yankees.

Newport Property Construction

Founded in 2008 by the founding partners of A-Rod Corp, Newport Property Construction designs, develops and renovates commercial and residential real estate assets on behalf of A-Rod Corp and its investors. Newport has acquired and developed in excess of $200M of residential, commercial and mixed-use assets since its inception.

NRG eSports

NRG eSports is a millennial-focused content network, providing exclusive, multi-platform programming for gamers. Through its platform, NRG offers access to top tier competitive esports, live gaming content channels, and destination sites built around gaming communities. Founded by Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov, NRG fields teams across eight major titles with a team of players representing the cornerstone of eSports. A-Rod Corp is an early investor in NRG and the eSports industry.


Oscar Health is a technology-focused health insurance company founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York City. A-Rod Corp is an investor in Oscar Health.

Shark Tank

Mr. Rodriguez joined ABC’s Shark Tank in 2017 as a guest shark.


Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application. A-Rod Corp is an investor in Snapchat.


TruFusion is an innovative group fitness and yoga concept with studios in development in several major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas. A-Rod Corp invested in the company in July 2017 and acquired the franchise development rights for 20 locations across Florida. Mr. Rodriguez also became a board member and brand ambassador of TruFusion. Since partnering with A-Rod Corp, the company has experienced significant growth in membership and franchising activity.


A-Rod Corp purchased the rights to develop UFC branded fitness centers throughout Miami-Dade County in early 2017. The first location was opened in Kendall, Florida and other sites are in progress.

University of Miami

A-Rod Corp has been actively involved with the University of Miami over the last few decades. In 2003, A-Rod Corp donated $4 million toward renovation efforts of the university’s baseball stadium – now named Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field. In addition, Mr. Rodriguez created a scholarship program for Boys and Girls Club alumnus to attend the University of Miami, sponsoring more than 25 students since inception of the program. In 2017, A-Rod Corp donated $500,000 to the University of Miami School of Business Administration. Mr. Rodriguez also serves as a National Member on the Board of Trustees for the university.

Our Team

Since its inception, A-Rod Corp has focused on opportunistic, value add real estate opportunities across the United States.

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Our Investments

A-Rod Corp identifies, originates and manages investments across a broad array of industries, including real estate, sports and wellness, media, and entertainment.

Real Estate

Real estate has been a part of A-Rod Corp’s strategy since 2003, when Mr. Rodriguez purchased his first duplex in South Florida.

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The sports and wellness sectors are integral to A-Rod Corp’s lifestyle focus and investment portfolio.

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A-Rod Corp is a long-term investor in media, entertainment, and other related sectors.

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Our Founder


Since its inception, A-Rod Corp has focused on opportunistic, value add real estate opportunities across the United States.

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Since its inception, A-Rod Corp has focused on opportunistic, value add real estate opportunities across the United States.

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Public Speaking

Since its inception, A-Rod Corp has focused on opportunistic, value add real estate opportunities across the United States.

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Since retiring from baseball, Mr. Rodriguez has maintained an active television and media presence. He most recently became an Emmy award winning commentator and analyst for Fox Sports.

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A-Rod Corp is dedicated to helping communities where our ideas, people, and resources can make a difference. Philanthropy is a commitment shared by our founder, Alex Rodriguez, who is actively involved in contributing to several organizations across the globe..

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