MISSION STATEMENT Deliver superior investment results on a consistent and responsible basis, while conducting our business with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Founded in 2003 by legendary baseball player Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod Corp identifies, originates and manages investments across a broad array of industries, including real estate, sports and wellness, media, and entertainment. With a flexible and opportunistic investment mandate, the firm focuses on long-term opportunities, where it can add value to create superior risk-adjusted returns. Led by Alex Rodriguez and a team of seasoned investment professionals, the firm manages both internal and external capital.


  1. Our culture is based on a set of five values – Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, Loyalty, and Excellence – that shape both our individual and company behaviors
  2. We work as a team and engage business partners who share our beliefs
  3. The cultivation of strong relationships, built on a foundation of integrity and trust, sits at the core of our success


  1. Preserve capital and create value
  2. Collaborate as a team and with our partners to achieve superior results
  3. Act as responsible and respected members of the communities in which we invest