Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Sports Release Season Two of “The Corp” Podcast

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 27, 2019) – Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Sports Release Season Two of “The Corp” Podcast

After the first season of The Corp became the No. 1 overall podcast last year, legendary baseball player Alex Rodriguez has reunited with Barstool Sports personality and host of No.1 sports podcast, Pardon My Take, Dan “Big Cat” Katz, for another season. Combining comedy, business and sports into one relatable platform, The Corp takes Rodriguez and Katz around the country to interview business leaders, sports legends, entertainment veterans and entrepreneurs to uncover the roots of their success and the mindset that let them overcome the inevitable obstacles.

Season two will open on August 27 with interviews with iconic actor Kevin Bacon and America’s first self-made female billionaire, Martha Stewart. Each week, the podcast will drop on Tuesdays, with accompanying video on Thursdays on YouTube. Guests also include storied racing driver Danica Patrick, WWE executive Stephanie McMahon, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and entrepreneurs Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar and Ty Haney of Outdoor Voices.

In this second outing for the team, Rodriguez continues to share the untold stories of his baseball career and his experience founding the real-life ARod Corp, an investment conglomerate that has deployed hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate, media, consumer and fitness ventures. “It doesn’t matter where you competed. These guests, from Martha Stewart to Danica Patrick and Dylan Lauren, all stared failure in the eye and won that standoff,” says Rodriguez. “It’s a great lesson for us all.”

Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz is known for his ability to bring out the most unexpected and candid moments from athletes and celebrities alike on his No. 1 podcast Pardon My Take. He brings those skills to The Corp and continues to infuse his refreshing and unique comedic point of view. “The goal of the podcast is to let successful people open up in a more relaxed atmosphere, tell their story and relate to the audience what it was like to climb their respective professional mountain,” says Katz. “I think listeners will enjoy what we accomplished with season 2.”

Along the way there will be five appearances from Barstool Sports CEO, Erika Nardini, who says, “In television, you’re working toward someone else’s definition of what’s funny or what’s allowed. With podcasts, you’re getting graded on by the fans…we control our own destiny here.”

The Corp is executive produced by Alex Rodriguez and Jeff Lee for ARod Productions along with Erika Nardini, Dan Katz and Henry Lockwood for Barstool Sports.