OVERVIEW A-Rod Corp is a long-term investor in media, entertainment, and other related sectors. The firm focuses on areas where it can leverage its brand influence and media presence to help portfolio companies achieve superior results. A-Rod Corp leverages its experience, unique vision, and broad network to execute on its investment philosophy.

NRG eSports is a millennial-focused content network, providing exclusive, multi-platform programming for gamers. Through its platform, NRG offers access to top tier competitive esports, live gaming content channels, and destination sites built around gaming communities. Founded by Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov, NRG fields teams across eight major titles with a team of players representing the cornerstone of eSports. A-Rod Corp is an early investor in NRG and the eSports industry.

In 2004, Mr. Rodriguez was granted an open-point to build out one of the first new, minority-owned franchises in Texas, when Mercedes-Benz only had approximately 300 locations nationwide. A-Rod Corp was involved in all stages of the process, from site selection and land purchase to building design and construction. A-Rod Corp successfully sold the dealership to a publicly traded company in 2014.

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Alex at OZY FEST 2018- New York, NY

Alex had the opportunity to share his insight on “How To Succeed In Business Without A Rulebook” at OZY FEST 2018 alongside Tim Brown, CEO of Allbirds, Ryan Williams, CEO of Cadre, and Ruth Zukerman, Co-founder of SoulCycle and Flywheel. The panel was moderated by OZY Fest co-founder, Carlos Watson.

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eMerge Americas Conference 2017

Alex took part in a panel at this year’s eMerge Americas Conference in Miami, FL. eMerge Americas helps to build the technology ecosystem in Miami. Alex was thrilled to be part of the conference again this year, along with over 13,000 attendees from all over the world talking innovation and making connections.

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