The A-Rod Basketball Classic

Founded in 2002 by Alex Rodriguez, the A-Rod Basketball Classic is a first-class competitive high school basketball tournament.  The invitation-only event brings eight teams together to compete and enjoy three days of great food and amenities, court action, coaching, visits and interactions with Alex.  Unlike so many competitive sporting events, this one doesn’t cost the teams a cent.  Alex covers the costs and the games are held at Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Florida.

The program takes place each year during the second week of December.  Since its inception, the tournament has welcomed talented players from as far away as the Bahamas, Philadelphia, New York City and North Carolina.

2016 marked the 15th year of the tournament that has impacted more than 1,500 players and included at least seven athletes that were drafted into the NBA.

The event reflects Alex’s unwavering understanding of what it means to give young kids a chance to play hard, expand their horizons and feel the rush of success, regardless of the sport.  As he travels the country and speaks to audiences large and small, he never misses an opportunity to share stories that illustrate the impact high school tournaments had on his career.  The A-ROD Basketball Classic is one more example of Alex’s hands-on approach to giving back one game at a time.