The Alex Rodriguez Educational Center: A Catalyst for Growth

In 2010, A-ROD CORP pledged close to $1 million to establish a state-of-the-art Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade “Alex Rodriguez Educational Center” to give young students in Miami access to the best technology.  This donation, the lead gift that represented 50% of the total project cost, created additional space for students who needed a supervised, safe, and educationally charged venue in which to learn.

The resulting project met the goal of helping with day-to-day, after school functions of the Center, but it sat largely unused during half of each weekday. Leadership at BGC saw an opportunity to leverage the empty rooms by creating a partnership with a Charter school organization that wanted to start a new center. The partnership created a new stream of revenue, an influx of important new donors, and a sustainable financial and educational model that remains a success to this day.  The results were significant and measurable:

  • The Club was able to utilize the Educational Center facility during “off-hours,” which coincided perfectly with the hours of operation needed by a local charter school tenant.   That partnership created a new revenue stream of more than $200,000 annually – money that is directed right back into BGC programs.
  • The organization’s donor base broadened as corporate partners including Ocean Bank, Ikea, Best Buy and Comcast, committed cash and time to outfit the Center and commit to long-term partnerships.
  • The new space doubled the number of students served from 100 to 250 for after school programming and more than 500 during summer camp. The extra space means that for the first time the Club could begin outreach to teens as well.  Today, this BGC location is nearly 100 teens strong.

Alex remains dedicated to the mission of the BGC of America because of the impact of their programs on youth. Outstanding results are just one reason why Alex continues to be an active board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade.