The Alex Rodriguez First Generation Scholarship Program: FIU

Alex Rodriguez has set in motion a scholarship program that is as smart as it is generous. In 2015, 10 first-generation, college bound students at Florida International University (FIU) were chosen to receive The Alex Rodriguez First Generation Scholarship to attend school at FIU, one of Florida’s most prestigious public research schools. Alex provided a gift to FIU of $210,000, which when matched by the state of Florida, offered scholarships totaling $420,000.

An additional gift by Alex of $30,000 provides internship stipends for those same students. The gift is strategic because Alex knows that involvement in an internship program enables students to access experiences and form relationships with thought-leaders that would otherwise be out of reach. It also means students chances of landing a job sooner and making more money, are increased*.   There is no end to the value of an internship stipend. A study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers notes that 52% of students receive job offers before graduation if they hold an internship position**.

The Alex Rodriguez First Generation Scholarship program is designed to multiply Alex’s donations for the benefit of these first generation, college bound students.

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