Undeniable with Joe Buck

On October 18th, 2017, the lead episode for Season 4 of Undeniable with Joe Buck became available for streaming on DirecTV, featuring Alex Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez spoke about his upbringing by a single mother- his father left the family when Alex was just 10 years old, and his iconic baseball career, both highs and lows.

A very candid Rodriguez, describes his experiences as a young boy from New York, who moved to the Dominican Republic, and later settled in Miami, FL, where he learned to play baseball at the Boys and Girls Club. He later led his high school team to a National Championship and became the first round pick in the 1994 MLB draft. After being drafted by the Seattle Mariners, he signed the biggest contract in MLB history, at the time, for the Texas Rangers. He finally landed with the New York Yankees where he won a World Championship in 2009, that he says was the best experience of his life, next to the birth of his two daughters.